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I believe in spirits, angels, and guidance from God. I am clairvoyant and have done readings for people since I was sixteen years old. I use cards and see pictures, visions, colors, and messages with my third eye. Sometimes I will also get smells, songs, or messages from loved ones who have crossed over. I have experienced spirits and very vivid dreams since I was a child.  I use all of these tools to give life path readings and counseling to others. My main goal in life is just to help people however I can. ❤️  I do in person readings and phone readings.1-360-536-5398 to schedule an appointment.


Services I Offer

The Divine World Awaits

Palm Reading

Spiritual  Reading


Astrology Reading


Astonomical Clock

Past Life Regression 


Spiritual Body Cleansing



Spiritual House Cleansing



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Black Sky

I just want to help people spiritually any way I can! I want to help people feel less broken.

Sara ❤️


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